Frontier Wallet v5.4 adds Fuse, Evmos, and BitTorrent Chains, and new EIP-681 & swap features

The new Frontier Wallet 5.4 Android release features three new chains including Fuse, Evmos (on Cosmos), and BitTorrent Chain on TRON. EIP-681 support and KyberSwap, ParaSwap, Rango Exchange (cross-chain bridge) and Metis & IoTeX swaps have also been added.

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The mid-October Frontier Multi-chain DeFi Wallet release welcomes communities from Fuse, Evmos, and BitTorrent Chains with complete wallet creation, import and tracking capabilities, combined with portfolio management and seamless asset transactions. The release also includes EIP-681 support, and new swap capabilities from Kyberswap, Paraswap, Rango. Metis and IoTeX users too will find in-app swaps now available in their native wallets.

New Features in Frontier Wallet 5.4.0

  1. KyberSwap aggregator enables swapping and earning on tokens across 10+ chains.
  2. EIP-681 is now available on Frontier Wallet for easier crypto payments.
  3. Paraswap is now natively integrated for token swaps across 7+ EVM chains.
  4. Rango Exchange gives you easier access to complex swap functions for any pair on any blockchain.
  5. Fuse, Evmos, and BitTorrent Networks added with complete native wallet and portfolio management capabilities.
  6. Native Metis wallet and IoTeX wallet users can now use a built-in swap feature in their Frontier apps.

📈 KyberSwap for Earn and Swap 📈

Frontier Wallet users can now unlock in-app access to the leading KyberSwap exchange, offering opportunities to swap and earn on your crypto. A decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator, KyberSwap aims to provide traders with the best token prices by instantly comparing prices across thousands (yes, you read that right) of exchanges. It also offers concentrated liquidity in its automated market maker (AMM), an opportunity for liquidity providers to earn fees by adding liquidity to the many pools available on the exchange.

KyberSwap Aggregator
💡 Tip: Find the token pairs you're looking for and use the swap using the DeFi explore function under the supported wallets. Use the DeFi browser to visit and find the earning opportunities.

⚡️ Now with support for EIP-681 payments ⚡️

Ethereum offers many intuitive features for its users, and one of the more exciting abilities is to use the EIP-681 standard for payment requests. A feature that allows you to make payments to users using just URLs. Frontier Wallet users can now accept payment requests made using the EIP 681 standard URLs and an even more convenient and practical approach for simplifying Web3 payments.

Support for EIP-681
💡 Tip: While you can accept correctly encoded URLs for payments via your Frontier Wallet, you should only accept these requests from trusted users and dApps. For all other instances, you can use your 'Send/Receive' function in your wallets to validate transactions.

🪂 ParaSwap adds all-new EVM swap 🪂

ParaSwap has a proven track record for offering DeFi access to individual traders and institutional investors by way of optimized trading solutions. The protocol also provides effortless access to liquidity pools, multi-chain availability, and on-chain request for quotes to get real-time quotes from KYC-validated and trusted market makers. All of this powers the swap function now securely integrated into your Frontier Wallet app.

ParaSwap Across 7+ EVM Chains
💡 Tip: Navigate to PawaSwap under the 'Explore' tab in your Frontier Wallet under compatible EVM wallets. You can select the token pairs you want to fetch the latest rates from the DEX and instantly display them in your app before swapping. Remember, Frontier Wallet charges you 0% fees for using this cool new protocol.

👉 Rango Exchange cross-chain bridge 👈

If you have ever wondered how to swap 10,000+ assets between all blockchain ecosystems Ethereum, Cosmos, Avalanche, Solana, and 40+ other chains, you have just found your answer! Rango Exchange's multiple X-chain DEX aggregator is now available for your swapping pleasure. Rango offers the best price using instant liquidity, fee optimization, smart routing, and accurate estimations for one of the more comprehensive token pairs across an equally impressive line-up of supported blockchains. No surprise why Rango Exchange is called the 'BestBuy of crypto.'

Rango Echange Cross-chain Bridge
💡 Tip: Find Rango Exchange's cross-chain bridge under the 'Explore' tab on your Frontier Wallet. You can select your bridge chains, and pick your from and to tokens to fetch the latest rates. Use the slippage and gas fees toggles to fine-tune the speed and rates to fit your needs. Only do this if you know what you're doing.

🌪 Fuse, Evmos, and BitTorrent Chains added 🌪

This is also an exciting time for us since we are happy to welcome users from the Fuse blockchain, the Evmos blockchain that is part of the Cosmos ecosystem, and finally, the BitTorrent Chain to the Frontier Wallet family.

Built to provide the infrastructure for open-source money, Fuse offers both consumer and business-friendly features on its blockchain. The Fuse network blockchain's mission is to fast-track web3 payments, and it does this with its fast and low-cost EVM-compatibility capabilities. Fuse native wallets will now be available on the Frontier Wallet app for all users.

Evmos network is built on the Cosmos SDK and is a scalable, high-throughput PoS blockchain that is EVM-compatible and interoperable with Ethereum. It powers its high-throughput thanks to the Tendermint Core, and offers horizontal scalability vis IBC, all these in addition to its fast transaction finality capabilities. Existing Evmos chain users can import and track their wallets and manage their portfolios on Frontier.

BitTorrent Chain, or BTTC, is a scalable, heterogeneous cross-chain interoperability protocol on TRON that features PoS, consensus mechanism, and multi-node validation. Currently, BTTC supports cross-chain transfers from Ethereum, TRON, and BSC. If you are an existing Frontier Wallet user, you will find your native BitTorrent Chain Wallet automatically activated in your wallet switcher.

Fuse, Evmos, and BitTorrent Chains added
💡 Tip: Existing users can find the latest chains in their wallet switcher screen as soon as you download the latest app update. New users can either track or import their wallets securely using the Add wallet functionality.

🔁 In-app Swap on Metis and IoTeX chain 🔁

Metis ecosystem users can swiftly and easily swap their tokens using the new in-app swap function in the latest Frontier Android update. Netswap is also available under the Explore tab as your one-stop trading and earning decentralized platform based on the MetisDAO ecosystem.

Swaps on the IoTeX chain also get new powers with the built-in crypto swap feature within their existing Frontier Wallets. Elk Finance's novel ElkNet framework is also now available under the DeFi Explore tab in your native IoTeX wallets.

In-app Swap on Metis and IoTeX chain wallets

📲 Updating your crypto wallet 📲

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Remember to avoid downloading the Frontier Wallet app from unknown websites or dubious links. It is always good to get your updates from only the official Frontier resources. 💁‍♀️