Frontier Wallet v5.3.0 features WalletConnect v2, cross-chain features, and new EVM wallet tracking capabilities

Securely connecting to dApps just got easier with the WalletConnect v2 integration. Cross-chain bridge protocols got an exciting revamp and now offer even more choices.

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You will never again have to wonder if you have the best path to move your assets between blockchains. Featuring an intuitive new selection UI, and featuring powerful new bridge protocols from deBridge and Socket, you have even more aggregators to choose from on Frontier Wallet.

WalletConnect v2 now unlocks seamless dApp connectivity between protocols across chains and offers opportunities for even more innovation in the future. XDC Network users also get the Android wallet they’ve been waiting for. Exciting new updates to easily track multiple EVM-compatible wallets and improvements in the wallet management screen.

New Features in Frontier Wallet 5.3.0

  1. WalletConnect v2 integrated to improve dApp connectivity and more innovation.
  2. Instantly track multiple EVM-compatible wallets.
  3. XDC Network now live - create or track wallets, and manage tokens & portfolios.
  4. deBridge integrated for seamless cross-chain asset transfers.
  5. Socket added to enable smoother interoperability asset transfer across chains.
  6. All-new bridge selection interface to choose from multiple bridge providers.

🔗 Seamless dApps with WalletConnect v2 🔗

WalletConnect has been a key feature on Frontier Wallet from the very start. We love the seamless and secure connectivity the protocol offers us when connecting our Frontier Wallet to dApps. WalletConnect v2 just improves on many of the features you already love with improved speeds, convenience, and reinforced security.

Under the hood, the protocol also carries even more powerful features for multi-chain compatibility and more granular session management. User verification and asset authentication only makes it easier to experience opportunities across apps.

WalletConnect v2 Now Live
💡 Tip: You can easily take a photo of the WalletConnect QR code and save it in your album to quickly connect to a dApp. Just open the ‘Scan WalletConnect QR’ option and use the ‘Album’ button to pick the QR from your photo album.

🪄 Magically Track all EVM-compatible Wallet 🪄

Tracking wallets is an incredibly popular feature on Frontier Wallet. Many of us use it to track the activity on our older wallets and even for some good old-fashioned whale spotting. With the multi-chain ecosystem is growing as fast as it is today, it isn’t surprising to see assets move between native wallets across many blockchains. We see this, and realized you would definitely enjoy an easier way to track EVM-compatible wallets instantly.

You can now enter any EVM wallet address in the track wallet section and easily track all the EVM-compatible wallets associated with the address across any EVM chain supported by Frontier.

This includes support for all ENS Domains (.eth) and NFT Domains from Unstoppable Domains (.crypto, .wallet, .nft, and more). Once you enter a valid address, Frontier Wallet will automatically fetch all details from that address. This of course includes token balances, positions, and NFTs as well as getting notifications on any activity on the wallet.

Try it now, just head into ‘Add Wallet’ → ‘Track any wallet’ → enter the address and you’re all set!

Track multiple EVM-compatible wallets
💡 Tip: Can’t think of a wallet? We have you covered. Try Frontier Wallet’s own ‘demo.eth’ to experience this feature.

🤳 Experience the XDC Network 🤳

XDC Network is one of the most versatile and unique blockchain projects out there. Few weeks back we were pleased to announce support for the XDC Chain on Frontier Wallet’s iOS app. The community waited patiently for the Android release to drop, and finally it has arrived.

The new implementation on Android is even better than you would have experienced on the iOS version. It is neatly integrated within the wallet switcher and is automatically added for all users on Android using the latest version of the app. You can of course track wallets, import your existing wallet, or even create a new wallet from scratch.

Managing your portfolio, and transacting with tokens including the native $XDC tokens is now available in Frontier Wallet for all users.

XDC Network now live on Android
💡 Tip: Learn more about the XDC Network integration from our XDC Wallet announcement on our blog.

🌉 deBridge unlocks cross-chain 🌉

Joining us on our mission to bring you the best cross-chain options is deBridge. A protocol that enables the decentralized cross-chain transfer of assets securely and instantly. deBridge is building an ecosystem that aims to offer the best experiences for users and tools for builders to imagine new cross-chain applications.

You can now join the growing community of users enjoying the bridge and swap features offered by deBridge, directly in your Frontier Wallet. To experience deBridge, you can either tap on the bridge feature on your wallet home screen or select it under the DeFi explore tab.

Cross-chain with deBridge
💡 Tip: Stay tuned for more updates on our partnership with deBridge on Frontier Wallet’s Twitter.

🔌 Socket powers multi-chain transfers 🔌

Socket is a leader in offering an interoperability layer for secure and efficient asset and data transfers across various blockchains. Operating more as a cross-chain app than a bridge, it offers Frontier Wallet users deep interoperability as a seamless experience.

The Socket integration on Frontier Wallet optimizes for bridging assets between various chains instantly while prioritizing trust, low latency, and accessibility. By unifying liquidity across bridges, DEXex, and various routes to find the most cost-efficient and fast path to get assets to their destination.

Cross-chain interoperability with Socket

🧐 New bridge selection UI 🧐

The future will see even more dApps offering opportunities when you are able to securely move your crypto assets between chains. Frontier Wallet will relentlessly work towards making that process simple and intuitive. A giant step in this direction is the improvement of our bridge selection UI in the app.

You can now switch between multiple bride protocols by tapping on the list on the top-right corner of the screen. This will pull up a list of bridge aggregators integrated within Frontier Wallet offering you multiple cross-chain options and a variety of token pairs to bridge and swap simultaneously.

New bridge selection UI

Reducing the number of steps, reducing the gas fees, and offering you the fastest access to the token you desire, Frontier Wallet is now the most versatile cross-chain weapon in your Web3 arsenal.

🐞🛠 UI improvements and bug-fixes 🛠🐞

Adding new features, but also making it more intuitive and easy to use for you has been a key goal for us. With this release as well, we have continued to chisel the experience around your needs and made the app even easier to use. Apart from the bridge switching experience, you will also notice a few new improvements in the mange wallet layout of the app.

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