Frontier Wallet v5.6: Buy crypto in India with Onmeta, and improved wallet experiences

Now buy crypto in India with this new release. Featuring Onmeta's fiat on-ramp solution, it allows users to use UPI, NEFT, and IMPS methods to buy the crypto of their choice. Import wallet, and send crypto also get power-ups.

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🇮🇳 Let's call this release the India special! Teams at Frontier and Onmeta are excited to offer Onmeta a leading new fiat on-ramp now built into your favorite wallet. Buying crypto through a trusted provider has always been challenging, but this new integration makes it a breeze for anyone starting or eager to get back into their crypto journey in India. With support for popular payment mediums and instant liquidity access, you are in good hands with the Frontier x Onmeta partnership. This release also simplifies how you import wallets and saves you precious seconds with a nifty new UX improvement in the send tokens screen. Dive in below to get the download on this new release.

New Features in Frontier Wallet 5.6.0

  1. Fiat on-ramp with Onmeta with support for UPI, NEFT, and IMPS payments.
  2. Speed up wallet imports using your recovery phrase with smart auto-complete.
  3. Just tap to send tokens to an address saved in your clipboard quickly.
  4. Miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

🇮🇳 Buy crypto with Onmeta 🇮🇳

It isn't news that India is home to the world's largest number of crypto holders. As India's first non-custodial wallet, our Frontier team is deeply committed to offering trusted crypto access to users based in India. But unfortunately, in recent times, many users have been locked out of the Web3 ecosystem without any credible option before them, especially with challenges with popular exchanges and a few current regulations.

Onmeta offers the quickest and most intuitive UX for users wishing to buy crypto using the solution. In India, Onmeta offers support for popular payment methods like the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), National Electronics Funds Transfer (NEFT), and the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS). This gives users a reliable and convenient method to access the crypto of their choice. We believe this association offers users two big advantages. One, it combines Frontier's non-custodial, multi-chain wallet with Onmeta's simple and quick fiat on-ramp interface to allow users in India to buy crypto instantly. Second, it also ensures users retain custody of all their assets at all times.

  • Offering services in India and SEA
  • Support for 5000+ tokens
  • Blockchains including Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Fantom, and BNB Smart Chain (25+ coming soon)
  • Popular dApps (20+) also support offer support for Onmeta

Onmeta is available on compatible native wallets under the 'Buy Crypto' option. You will need to complete the one-time KYC process with Onmeta to continue with the fiat on-ramp process.    

Buy crypto with Onmeta on Frontier Wallet

💡 Tip: While Onmeta supports many popular cryptos, you should be able to find the tokens you wish. In the event you do not find them, you can also buy an alternative token and swap to the crypto you want using the many in-built swap DEXes built into Frontier Wallet. Even bridging your crypto to other chains is easily possible using Frontier's in-app bridging solutions if you want to move your assets to another chain.

🧠 Smart auto-complete recovery phrase 🧠

If you are like us, you often find yourself doing the time-consuming task of typing in your wallet recovery phrase of a wallet you wish to import into Frontier. As secure and careful we are with your recovery phrase, you might still find this process quite tedious. To simplify how you can quickly be on your way while adding your wallet, and also help secure your wallet import experience, we now offer smart auto-suggest as you type the first few characters of each word. This prevents you from misentering your recovery phrase while also helping avoid common misspellings. It also only recommends reliable words which are likely to be correct as you enter them.

Import crypto wallet recovery phrase on Frontier

💡 Tip: It is advisable only to use a secure keyboard while entering your recovery phrase. Untrusted keyboards may save your recovery phrase, and even ones with autocomplete might retain the sequence of words you have entered to anyone who happens to use your phone after you. Switch keyboards to one that does not have autocomplete and manually enter the words and you can use the Frontier auto-fill to avoid any chances of misuse. [REMEMBER] Frontier Wallet never stores your recovery phrase anywhere. You alone need to secure your recovery phrase (seed phrase).

📋 Paste address on token transfer screen 📋

As token transfers go, we know you enjoy the intuitive interface on Frontier to transfer assets seamlessly and securely to your desired destinations. We are constantly improving the experience to make it even easier for you to move your assets around. Based on some valuable community inputs, we have now added a new 'Paste' option next to the wallet QR option on the 'Send' crypto screen. This makes it easier for you to avoid any errors in typing in wallet addresses and possibly pasting while accidentally hitting some keys. Just copy the destination address, and tap 'Paste' on the destination 'To' field, and you are good to go!

Easy crypto transfers on Frontier Wallet

🤔 Did you know? Recent releases of the Frontier Wallet also feature an upload from album feature for scanning QR codes. This makes it easier for you to save frequent contacts' wallet addresses and QRs for some dApps to let you quickly connect to them without having to scan them every time. Just remember to be safe with those codes!

The new release also fixes some annoying bugs and features speed improvements you'll notice when you use the latest update. As new chains and protocols are added, we have to double down on ensuring the speed and snappy experience you expect from Frontier Wallet is always available.

🛡 Update your Frontier Multi-chain Crypto Wallet 🛡

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🔥 If there was ever a time to reiterate the need for self-custody, it is now. We hope you enjoy using Frontier Wallet as your preferred multi-chain wallet and continue to retain ownership of your assets at all times. Join us on our Twitter as we share more information about moving your assets to self-custody. 🫡