Frontier Wallet v5.5 integrates Cronos Chain and Astar Network; adds new in-app crypto swap capabilities

Cronos Chain and Astar Network communities join our multi-chain adventure. Plus, our wizards have worked their magic to integrate in-app swaps across all new chains on Frontier Wallet. Pick up the latest v5.5 Android update today.

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Our 🎃 spook-tacular wizards 🧙 at Frontier Wallet have brewed some exciting new updates for us over Halloween! For starters, we're welcoming the Cronos chain and Astar network communities with complete native wallet and transaction support. Then we have make it even simpler for these new frens and old ones from XDC, TomoChain, BitTorrent, Fuse, and Evmos with all new protocols added in-app for seamless swaps and bridging. We continue to make your new crypto wallet home cozier as you head into the holidays.

New Features in Frontier Wallet 5.5.0

  1. Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystem interoperable Cronos Network integrated.
    1. VVS Finance integrated for in-app crypto swaps.
  2. Multi-chain smart contract platform, Astar Network added.
    1. Use ArthSwap for in-app swaps.
  3. XDC Network's 1st AMM DEX, XSwap now live for in-app swaps.
  4. Swap on TomoChain using LuaSwap is now live.
  5. BitTorrent Chain now features swaps powered by Soy Finance.
  6. Diffusion Finance integrated for in-app token swaps on Evmos.
  7. LIFI is now also powering swaps and bridging on Fuse and Evmos.

🪐 Cronos Chain Wallet is now live 🪐

We're thrilled to announce full support for the Cronos Chain on Frontier Wallet. The first EVM-compatible chain built on the Cosmos ecosystem, with Cronos, you will now gain access to exciting projects calling it home. Scalable and working to process more transactions per minute than Ethereum, while also being carbon-neutral. With Cronos, you also benefit from the Inter Blockchain Communications (IBC) protocol, which enables interoperability and bridging to other IBC chains like the Cosmos Hub.

Cronos Chain Added
💡 Tip: You can swap crypto using LI.FI Swap or VVS Finance, or use the cross-chain bridge powered by LI.FI under the 'Explore' tab.

💎 VVS Finance swaps on Cronos Chain 💎

As a bonus treat, you can also enjoy VVS Finance for in-app swaps at launch of the Cronos Chain. The VVS stands for 'very very simple,' which might explain why it is one of the leading liquidity providers on the Cronos Chain. It is a single destination for users to easily swap tokens and earn rewards, and now available to all Frontier Wallet users in-app!

🤔 Did you know? While VVS Finance DEX is quite popular, it also uses a unique approach in its UX to be 'fun' for its users. Check it out at to learn more.

🍬 Astar Network is now on Frontier 🍬

A gateway to the multi-chain future, Astar Network aims to operate at the heart of the blockchain landscape. By connecting the Polkadot ecosystem to Ethereum, Cosmos, and other L1 blockchains, it is a smart contract platform that helps deliver on scalability, interoperability and incentivizes development. The network support building dApps with EVM and WASM smart contracts with cross-consensus messaging (XCM).

We are also excited to announce the integration of ArthSwap (more below), and XY Finance for in-app swaps and bridging, respectively.

Astar Network
🤔 Did you know? The $ASTR native token offers a variety of utilities on-chain. There is already over $200M in Total Value Locked on the blockchain, with a community of over 500K+ members.

🤙 ArthSwap DEX for Swaps live in wallet 🤙

If you are an existing Astar Network wallet holder, or need to jump on the bandwagon and need to swap some tokens, you are in the right place! Frontier Wallet now features in-app support for ArthSwap, Astar Network's #1 DEX. It also offers trading, staking, IDO launchpad, and liquidity farming at this time, and new capabilities are being added regularly. Go ahead and experience swaps on Frontier Wallet today.

ArthSwap: Swap on Astar
💡 Tip: Find XY Finance's cross-chain bridge under the 'Explore' tab on your Frontier Wallet. You can select your bridge chains, and pick your from and to tokens to fetch the latest rates.

🤖 XSwap live on XDC Network Wallet 🤖

As a decentralized exchange (DEX) for XRC20 tokens on the XDC Network, XSwap offers swaps and earning opportunities for users by using its secured pools. You can use the in-app swap feature in your native XDC Wallet in Frontier to swap between popular tokens on the XDC Network.

Xswap: Swap on XDC
🤔 Did you know? $XSP is XSwap's native crypto token and offers utility in the form of payments, farming, voting, and staking. While $XTT is XSwap's farming rewards token and the native token for Launchpad - the first fully decentralized launchpad on the XDC Network.

🌾 TomoChain in-app swaps with LuaSwap 🌾

We're excited to bring the lighting fast, low-cost trades on TomoChain using the multi-chain launchpad, trading, and yield farming platform – LuaSwap. Now offering our new and veteran TomoChain users the convenience and security of seamless token swaps in just a few taps.

LuaSwap: Swap on TomoChain
💡 Tip: Have you tried new the new DeFi Explorer under TomoChain? It features handpicked dApps from the TomoChain ecosystem you can connect to using your Frontier Wallet.

🌱 Soy Finance swaps for BitTorrent Chain 🌱

Underscoring security and high rewards, Soy Finance builds on the industry's best practices to offer users a reliable and trusted platform. Best practices include safelists, audited tokens, decentralized insurance, and advanced token standards, to name a few. Recently, it competitively offers 1-click swaps and at costs that are lower than ~99% of its competitors.

Soy Finance: Swap on BitTorrent
💡 Tip: The Soy.Swap app offers some exciting opportunities under its Farms and Staking Pools for users. You can connect to to browse all options.

⚛️ Diffusion Finance swaps for Evmos ⚛️

We are pleased to announce a popular request from our new Evmos users on Frontier Wallet has been met. In this release, we have integrated Diffusion, an Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol and liquidity pool on Evmos chain that also captures fees as rewards for its liquidity providers, offering incentives for increased trading and participation.

Diffision Finance: Swap on Evmos
💡 Tip: The Frontier Wallet app UI simplifies yet gives you complete control over your swaps. Review the minimum received, exchange price, and even modify the slippage and gas fees sections to optimize your swaps for the best prices.

🌉 LI.FI for Swaps and Bridging on Evmos & Fuse 🌉

If you need to move your assets to Evmos and Fuse or swap them on-chain using the most efficient routes at the best prices, securely, and with the quickest delivery, you will love LI.FI. Nested under the Explore tab on your wallet, you can find the cross-chain bridge and swaps powered by the protocol on demand, anytime in your app. So spin it up for a seamless experience and enjoy your cross-chain powers.

LiFI: Swap and Bridge on Fuse and Evmos
💡 Tip: LI.FI offers some of the most competitive prices when you are bridging assets between chains. Review the 'Routing via' to learn about the DEX through which LI.FI will move your assets.

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