Voyage 7.0: Cross-chain Play to Earn event celebrates Router Protocol integration with Frontier Wallet

tl;dr Frontier Wallet now features a leading cross-chain asset & application bridge, Router Protocol across all platforms to offer users seamless access to opportunities in L1 and L2 networks. Announce Voyage 7, a competition with a reward pool of over $10,000 for early adopters.

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Frontier Wallet is thrilled to offer its community yet another powerful new integration to unlock the possibilities of the blockchain ecosystem. To deliver on our mission to be the trusted key to the growing Web3 landscape, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Router Protocol.

Router Protocol offers a giant leap forward in innovation and features that allow users to communicate and participate with each other across networks. Over the years, the Router Protocol team has built a robust product suite that offers fund transfers between chains, seamless asset swaps, and powers interoperable cross-chain applications. The latest integration with Frontier Wallet allows users to quickly access Router Protocol's offerings via a simplified, and intuitive new UI. Working closely with each other, the teams at Frontier & Router are serving users an all-new experience to bridge crypto assets between chains at a faster, cheaper, and more secure manner.

Router Protocol unlocks cross-chain opportunities

For users experiencing Router protocol for the first time, you will find a variety of benefits. Including its ability to deliver the most optimal prices for token swaps by using its proprietary pathfinder algorithm for cross-chain swaps. The cross-chain settlement engine delivers funds 'atomically' and ensures user's funds are never blocked in transit.

This offers users, especially those who enjoy using Frontier Wallet for various cross-chain transactions, a seamless and cost-effective new feature-set without once compromising on security and speed.

To further refine and simplify the experience, Router Protocol uses its native token $ROUTE. Which acts as a unified gas fee token for all transfers and swaps across the protocol.

Ravindra Kumar, CEO & Founder at Frontier Wallet welcomed the news by underscoring the shared values between the teams.

"Router Protocol is a leader in the cross-chain ecosystem, and is playing a key role in narrowing the gaps between users and dApps. Our multi-chain wallet is a perfect avenue for users to experience the advantages offered by the platform. I'm happy to offer our users the any-asset-t0-any-chain experience handpicked for its quality and reliability."

Ramanai Ramachandran, CEO of Router Protocol echoed the sentiment and spoke about the evolving nature of the blockchain ecosystem.

"Our goal is to build the core cross-chain primitives users and developers need to participate in the diverse blockchain landscape equitably. Frontier Wallet's multi-chain and trusted dApp ecosystem stands to benefit greatly from these very developments. We are looking forward to seeing a deeper association with Frontier in the coming days."

Get rewarded on Frontier Wallet

As Frontier Wallet users have become accustomed to over the years, our product team is always curating the best features you will want to use in one trusted interface. Without the need to connect to protocols or exchanges for essential actions, Frontier has built-in experiences for key actions like swap, bridge, trading, staking, lending, CDP and more.

Now available on the Frontier Wallet on Android, and coming soon to iOS, you can experience the new integration by following the following steps:

  1. Once you open your Frontier Wallet, you can switch to any of the following networks supported by Router Protocol:
    • Ethereum
    • BNB Smart Chain
    • Polygon
    • Fantom
    • Arbitrum
    • Optimism
    • Avalanche C-Chain
    • Harmony (temporarily on-hold)
    • Kava (in-process)
  2. Select the 'Explore' option from the bottom toolbar.
  3. You should now see 'Router' under Native dApps supported by Frontier.
  4. On the 'Cross chain bridge' screen, you can select your wallet, the chain you wish to bridge from and to, and also the type & quantity of tokens you wish to swap, with of course the current price at which you'll receive your tokens. Remember, you may also swap tokens as you bridge your assets between networks.
  5. On continuing, you'll see a final summary to review your transaction and make any changes before proceeding with approvals and the transfer.

You will find the process enjoyable and quick as the protocol's cross-chain settlement engine delivers the desired tokens into your wallet account almost instantaneously.

To further sweeten the pot, and to help spread the word, we are pleased to announce we are co-hosting the Router Protocol Voyage 7.0 competition. Router Protocol has run a series of competitions since the start of this year to offer its community a rewarding new experience as it grows.

Voyage 7.0 - How it works

The competition is open for anyone to join and is incredibly easy to participate in. The overall reward pool offers 2,000 $ROUTE, and 25,000 $FRONT tokens as rewards to be distributed amongst all qualifying users.

Offered in two distinct parts, the Voyage 7.0 will feature one part that will reward early users, and a second part, that will reward the top 5 users over the course of the competition.

Part One: Step into new possibilities

In the first part of the Voyage, you will be rewarded for experiencing the new integration and joining our communities. A combined reward pool of 1,000 $ROUTE and 15,000 $FRONT will be distributed equally amongst all qualifying users.

To be eligible for the reward, you will need to do the following:

  1. You will need to either use your existing Frontier Wallet or create, import, or connect your crypto wallet to perform a cross-chain bridge and swap of tokens using the Router Protocol integration for at least a combined total of up to $100 during the Voyage 7.0 competition.
  2. Join the Frontier Wallet community on
    1. Twitter:
    2. Discord:
  3. Join the Router Protocol community on
    1. Twitter:
    2. Telegram:
  4. Complete the form at form to allow us to verify your Wallet address with your Twitter, Discord, and Telegram handles.
  5. All actions must be completed between the start time of 2 PM UTC on October 5th, 2022, and 2 PM UTC on November 4th, 2022.

Part Two: Leader of the pack

At the same time, 2 PM UTC on October 5th, 2022, and 2 PM UTC on November 4th 2022, we are also rewarding the users who make the most of this integration on the Frontier Wallet.

The cumulative total of all bridge and swap actions carried out by each unique wallet address using the Router Protocol in Frontier Wallet will be considered eligible during this time.

A prize pool of 1,000 $ROUTE and 10,000 $FRONT will be distributed to the top 5 users in the following structure:

  1. Highest trader: 350 $ROUTE + 3,500 $FRONT
  2. Second place: 250 $ROUTE + 2,500 $FRONT
  3. Third place: 200 $ROUTE + 2,000 $FRONT
  4. Fourth place: 100 $ROUTE + 3,500 $FRONT
  5. Fifth path: 100 $ROUTE + 1,000 $FRONT

To keep things transparent and allow you to track the campaign's progress, we are also sharing access to Router Protocol's dynamic dashboard. Where you can see the progress of the top qualifying transactions.

About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a suite of cross-chain infra primitives that aims to enable blockchain interoperability between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.

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